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New for September 2020! Puppy Socialising Daycare

Starting week commencing Monday 7th September 2020 we will be offering Puppy Socialising Daycare. These sessions will be provided by our owners, our staff and on our site. Collectively they have years of experience working with all breeds small and large. We are currently on with creating the perfect environment for our new residents which will consist of some wonderful structures for them to enjoy. The sessions will run Monday to Friday.

  • Sessions are either  12:30-5:00pm half day or full day 8:30am-5:00pm

  • The cost is £15 per half day per dog, £25 per full day per dog. If you have more than one dog then please add £10 per dog per chosen session.(Example 2 dogs from the same household for a full day will cost £35.)

  • Small to medium size breeds will be accepted from the age of 14 weeks to 9 months as long as they are fully vaccinated. (Discussions can be had regarding the upper age depending on their behaviour)

  • Large breeds will be accepted from the age of 14 weeks to 6 months as long as they are fully vaccinated.(Discussions can be had regarding the upper age depending on their behaviour) 

  • Groups will be small/medium size breeds and large breeds however we will mix both groups once the dogs are assessed.

  • Things we will work on:

  • A good diet ( we will talk to you about this), taking away food/bones to overcome food aggression

  • Come when called

  • Walk on a slip lead ( we have 16 acres of private grounds to walk around)

  • Accept handling and touch

  • Stay, settle and greet people without jumping

  • Help with mouthing

  • Get social with other dogs all shapes and sizes and mixing with different staff members and our own dog savvy children

  • Greet people without jumping

  • Do zoomies and play on our new slides and tunnels in a dedicated space just for them

  • Get them used to different sounds, smells and other things they may come across whilst out on walks

  • Weekly progress reports emailed to owners about their dogs and things to work on whilst they are not with us

The aim of our sessions is to help your dogs confidence and give them the skills they need to become a dog that is not just sociable with other dogs but people as well. Each dog will have their own kennel allocated for breaks and time out whilst they are with us.

We feed Vitalin grain free puppy food however you are welcome to provide your own food on the days they stay with us.

In order to book, please use the booking system below. On the customer comments please state the following:

Puppy Daycare

1/2 day PM

Full day

Please note that if you are booking in for the full day then dogs need to arrive between 8:30am-9:00am.

If they are arriving for the half day PM then arrival is between 12 noon-12:30pm.

A Deposit is requested at the time of booking (50%) and the balance payable on drop off. Unfortunately spaces are limited so bookings are non refundable.