Boarding passes are a great way to save money. It works out that you get 6 days free boarding. 

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Please call us on 01924 863037 should you wish to purchase a pass
Please note passes are non refundable.


If you rehomed/lost one of your dogs/cats and only needed a 1 pet pass and not a 2 pet pass you cannot move any extra days across other than the days remaining on your pass.

This is because there is already a discount for 2 pets plus the 20% extra discount on the pass.

Example-If you had 20 days left on a 2 dog pass and you rehomed/lost one of the dogs then you would still have 20 days however just for one dog or if you got another dog then the two dog pass would still be usable.

If you cancel a booking and you are a pass holder then you would loose 20% of the booking the same as if you had paid a non refundable deposit-

Example 10 day booking would loose 2 pass days as a deposit if you cancelled.